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Amelia Jane Rutherford Vol 2

Runtime: 60 minutes

In this second volume from new spanking sensation Amelia Jane Rutherford, we continue to follow her progress through the audition process as the action becomes increasingly severe and the positions more revealing. Amelia Jane appears to revel in the punishment, humiliation and exposure as she continues to share her reactions, feelings and thoughts with us throughout each grueling stage of the audition and spanking screen tests.

The 'main event' however is the concluding part of her first full length feature film 'Amelia Jane and the Tutor' Episode 2 'English Girl - English Cane'.

This follows straight on from 'Amelia Jane Rutherford Volume 1', in which Amelia Jane played the part of a University Student in need of the specialist tuition that only Professor Ernest Templeton (American Girl - English Cane) can give.

With her rare mixture of naive innocence and classical 'English Rose' looks and accent, Amelia Jane is the perfect choice to be the first English girl experiencing the strict discipline meted out by Prof. Templeton.

In part 1 the Professor entrapped her in a situation requiring firm corporal punishment, and introduced her to bare bottom spanking. Now in part 2 we see how the crafty professor uses her own words against her to initiate further punishments of ever increasing severity until she is finally stripped of all her clothing and, stark naked, she receives a severe dose of the cane.

In part 1 we saw Amelia Jane Rutherford spanked by her tutor for lateness and door slamming, but worse is to come now when he hears her essay. He picks it apart sentence by sentence and each error earns a further punishment. Every time she makes a mistake she has to turn, place her hands on the sideboard, bend over and stick her bottom out for a spanking. He lifts her skirt, pulls her white knickers up tight in her bottom cleft exposing her round bum cheeks and spanks her.

"You can't spank me for every sentence!" she exclaims. "Why, are some of them good?" he retorts.

Stamping her foot she assumes the position yet again. After 3 such spankings, he tells her that it's time for more serious measures and he fetches a slipper, a leather strap, and a genuine lochgelly tawse. She is told to take off her skirt and bend over for the slipper.

To start with she gets '6 of the best' on her knickers, plus 2 extra for arguing, and then her knickers come down for another '6 of the best'. Unfortunately she argues again and so holding her firmly round the waist, he gives her another 11. These swats are so hard and fast that they have her dropping to her knees!

Kneeling on the floor nursing her poor sore bottom, she thinks it's over and tries to pull up her panties. He has not given her permission to pull them up and so she gets another 2 hard swats on her bare bottom before she is allowed up. Once she has re-gained her composure she is placed OTK and introduced to the paddle. After 2 dozen hearty whacks she makes the mistake of saying "Can't we just do spanking?" her Tutor is only too happy to oblige and gives her one hell of a spanking of well over 100 good hard smacks.

Amelia Jane has already been spanked, had the slipper, the paddle and yet more spanking, but none of that prepared her for what was to come when she's 'introduced' to the tawse. Nervously she assumes the position, bent over the back of an armchair, naked from the waist down. The tawse is a genuine Lochgelly Tawse - 2 foot long, about 2 inches wide and 1/2" thick. It's heavy and the end is split into two wicked tails. The Professor gives her bottom a practice swipe with it while he lectures her, to line up his swing. He repeats these light strokes half a dozen times letting her feel the weight of the implement before starting her punishment proper.

She jumps nervously and asks if its going to be hader than that. "Oh yes" he tells her "Much harder, in fact about as hard as THIS!" and he lays in the first 'proper' stroke. She covers her mouth to stop herself crying out. 5 more cracking strokes follow and after stroke number 6 she asks if she can have a short rest. "Let me know when you are ready for the next 6?" he tells her. "No, I'll never be ready!" she screams, and 'Crack' she earns herself an extra stroke.

To encourage her not to procrastinate too much he spreads her legs apart and runs the tawse up the inside of her thigh. Whatever she infers from this it has the effect of speeding up the process as she instantly says "I'm ready". She is made to ask for each of these last 6, a process that is speeded up whenever he runs the tawse right up between her legs. The tawse cracks into her yielding bum cheeks a further 6 times the last one being particularly vicious. It's clear that Amelia Jane will not want to repeat the experience in a hurry, but there is worse to come as he strips her naked and makes her bend over the bck of the chair to receive the ultimate punishment - the cane.

With her stunning looks, vivacious personality and naturally submissive demeanor, (not to mention a bottom just made for spanking), we are sure you will left in no doubt that 'Amelia Jane was born for the cane'.

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